Meeting the challenges of the marine industry

Rothstein Insurance Services, Inc provides Hull, Protection & Indemnity and Marine Liability insurance for a wide range of inland and coastal vessel operators and marine-related businesses. Our creativity and ability to tailor cover to the needs of the individual client offer a competitive advantage.

The expertise and capabilities to handle difficult Marine business

Rothstein Insurance Services, Inc has specialists who are among the most experienced in the industry. Our extensive Marine insurance knowledge combined with a creative ability to develop flexible solutions enables us to handle the largest of risks.

Hull and Machinery coverage

Rothstein Insurance Services, Inc is the insurance broker of choice for a wide range of brown water and coastal vessel operators, including:

  • Sightseeing and Excursion
    Vessels, ferries, water taxis and dinner cruises
  • Fishing vessels
  • Marine contractors
  • Offshore energy support vessels
  • Tugs & Towboats
  • Barges, passenger vessels,

Hull and Machinery provides protection against the physical loss of, or damage to, the vessel and itsequipment, engines and machinery and may be

designed to include:

  • Coverage against claims arising from strikes, riots, civil commotions, terrorism and war
  • Green Hull & Machinery Upgrade coverage that enables vessel owners facing major engine repairs to comply with new environmental standards. For


— loss or damage to engines requiring replacement or remanufacturing are covered for the cost to replace or remanufacture to the most efficient standard currently available

— hull modifications needed as a result of the upgrade are covered for a portion of the expense

— in the case of loss to an engine on a vessel with multiple engines, vessel owners are covered for a portion of the cost to upgrade undamaged engines

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